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Repairing water softener

Water Conditioning Equipment

Water Softeners

If you are in need of a reliable and cost-effective water softener, Barry’s Salt & Water Conditioning Inc. sells and rents water softeners for homeowners throughout Simcoe and its surrounding areas. We can also repair most makes. We carry a large selection of makes, models and sizes, so if you are interested, we would be glad to provide you with a consultation and estimate. Our experts will be able to determine your needs by assessing the hardness of your water, how many people are living in your home and overall water usage.

In order to keep your softener up and running, we can provide salt via delivery or pickup. You can even schedule an automatic re-supply. Deliveries must contain at least 2 bags (bags are 35 kilos each). We deliver salt to residential and commercial customers including:

  • Farms
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Retirement Homes
  • Etc.

We supply solar salt/sea salt which is collected by evaporating ocean water.


Along with softeners, we also sell and maintain filtration systems, which can be used to remove hard water minerals and more. We carry different filter models and sizes in order to best address your specific water problems. And be sure to ask us about our filter cartridges, which can be supplied to you throughout the year in order to give your filtration system and water softener a longer life span.


Chlorinators use hydrogen peroxide to help clear up the sulphur smell in water. If this is one of the problems you face with your water supply, feel free to call us and ask for more details on our chlorinators.

Request an estimate on installation or repair services.
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